The Cult-TV Faces of: Babies

Identified by Pierre Fontaine: Star Trek: “Friday’s Child.”

NOT IDENTIFIED: UFO: “Confetti Check A-OK.”

Identified by Anonymous: Space:1999 “Alpha Child.”
NOT IDENTIFIED: The Fantastic Journey: “The Innocent Prey.”

Identified by Woodchuckgod: V: The Series: “The Littlest Dragon.”

Identified by Woodchuckgod: Alen Nation.

Identified by Chris G: Star Trek: The Next Generation: “Disaster.”

Identified by Jay-Jay: Lois & Clark: “The Family Hour”

NOT IDENTIFIED: Baby William, The X-Files: “Existence.”
Identified by Chris G: Angel: “Lullaby.”


Identified by Chris G: Smallville: “Ageless.”

NOT IDENTIFIED: The Vampire Diaries (2010).

Identified by Chadillac: American Horror Story.

13 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: Babies

  1. Wild stab in the dark time here… #5) That looks "V"-ish.#6) Alien Nation?

  2. Woodchuckgod: Excellent identifications on these cult-tv bundles of joy. You are correct on both fronts. #5 is from "V" ("The Littlest Dragon) and #6 is indeed from Alien Nation.Great job!best,John

  3. #1 is from "Friday's Child" during Star Trek's second season.#3 is from "Superman: The Movie" with Christopher Reeve.I thought that #5 was from Star Trek V, showing the birth of Spock but the lack of pointy ears tells me that's not the case.

  4. #3. Dr. Russel and infant Jackie; SPACE:1999 ("Alpha Child")

  5. Hi everyone,Pierre: Yes, #1 is from "Friday's Child!" Outstanding! Anonymous: Yes, #3 is from Space:1999 Alpha Child!Excellent identifications, thank you both!best,John

  6. Difficult thread…#14) American Horror Story

  7. Hi Chadillac,This is a toughie, isn't it? I didn't intend it to be, but looking at all those babies this morning…they're pretty darn indistinguishable! But everyone is doing a great job with the identifications, yourself included!#14 is indeed from American Horror Story! Well done, sir!best,John

  8. #7 is Star Trek: The Next Generation.#10 is Angel.#12 is Smallville.

  9. Wow…I really thought #3 was from Superman but now I realize that it is indeed Space:1999. I'm disappointed in myself since I love that show but didn't recognize the image!

  10. Hi Chris G and Pierre:Chris: Yes, all three of your identifications are spot-on correct. Brilliantly done!Pierre: Don't be hard on yourself, you're doing great. And when I looked at the photo again I thought, wow, that could be from Superman! Definitely!best,John

  11. 8. That's definitely Teri Hatcher's smile. Lois and Clark?Other than that… they're all the same 🙂

  12. Jay-Jay: Yes, that's Teri Hatcher in Lois & Clark's "The Family Hour!" Well-done, sir!We're getting down to the nitty gritty now…best,John

  13. #9 is William from The X-FILES episode Existence

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