Theme Song of the Week: Tru Calling (2003 – 2005)


3 responses to “Theme Song of the Week: Tru Calling (2003 – 2005)

  1. I always liked this show. Not the greatest but Eliza Dushku's presence went a long way in making it watchable.

  2. J.D.: I always enjoyed Tru Calling too, and felt that it improved radically as it developed. The opening stories were formulaic, but they had to be formulaic so when the show did break formula, it came as a shock. I liked it, and wished it had been given more time to prove itself. And yes, Eliza Dushku made the show worth sticking with, especially in the early days…Thanks for the comment, my friend!best,John

  3. Another series on FOX that bit the dust, just when things got interesting. Sort of like what happened to Quantum Leap in it's fifth and final season.I remember watching it here in Iceland, and then noticing the complete series set was out in the UK, so I grabbed that and watched it all before it even finished airing in Iceland.Shame they couldn't continue, Jason Priestley just saved this. Also, funny that hey just wrote out Tru's older sister, like she never existed. Why they needed to have her in the first place, I don't know, but to make her vanish like that was not done well.I think I've mentioned this, I found this blog from one of the writers on Tru Calling. There are 4 consecutive post about Tru Calling, just hit next for the next entry.It gives me a bit of a closure to know what they were planning, but I would have liked to see the season played out, it's just wrong to cancel seasons once they've begun, especially good ones.

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