Don’t Forget the Mad Monster Party

One more heads-up before the show: If you’re in Charlotte N.C. (or thereabouts), come see me at The Mad Monster Party this weekend.  I’ll be selling books, meeting fans, and making trouble.

Well, not the last part…

Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to take some pictures and upload them to the blog.

Con info here!


3 responses to “Don’t Forget the Mad Monster Party

  1. What are the hours for the event? You have a specific booth or table you'll be at, John? You should think about perhaps recording (audio or video) a little of it so that you can upload it and share on the web. Just a thought :-). Thanks.

  2. Oh, man! I just read this on the Mad Monster Party schedule:"Sunday, 3:45 PMLegion: The Exorcist III – Brad Dourif introduces this fan edit by Spicediver, who has recut the film to closer reflect the orginal tone and story arc of William Petter Blatty's Legion before studio imposed changes were implemented. Hear Brad explain the differences between what was originally filmed and what was ultimately released!"Criminy!!! I'd love to see and hear this one! I'd read 'Legion' when it came out and really wanted to see it adapted for film. While I still appreciate the movie (still watch it from time-to-time), the studio interference with it irked me. Well, know you'll have a great time there, John. Thanks.

  3. Hi Michael,I'm at the con from 10:00 to 7:00 today, and 10:00 into the afternoon tomorrow (Sunday). I put up some photos, and will take more, and maybe I can get some footage up of the show too…I just found out about Mr. Dourif introducing the re-edit of Exorcist III. Wow! I would love to see that cut…Wish you were here, buddy!best,John

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