Pop Art: Fantastic Films Edition


5 responses to “Pop Art: Fantastic Films Edition

  1. Now that was an awesome magazine.

  2. As a boy in the '70s, it was extremely fun to go to a bookstore/newsstand and check out the science-fiction & fantasy entertainment magazines (Starlog, et.al.).I still have the collection to prove it. :)SGB

  3. Hi David and SGB:Fantastic Films was a GREAT magazine. I still miss it, and enjoy leafing through the issues I own. The 1970s – 1980s was a great time for genre magazines, definitely. I was always a fan of Starlog, Fangoria, Cinefantastique, Fantastic Films, Starburst and the like…best,John

  4. You forgot to mention the glossy Omni magazine. It covered film and fiction, with an large helping of 'science' for respectability. Starlog was always my favorite of the bunch, but Fantastic Films always had the most impressive collection of photos in their articles. Didn't Fantastic Films morph into FilmFax?

  5. Still love all these mags such as Fantastic Films from the 70's and 80's ! I got one B&W magaize called Phobos which had a cool Dan O'Bannon interview in it, don't think the mag even got to issue 2 !!!

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