The Cult-TV Faces of: Titanic

Identified by Brian: One Step Beyond: “Night of April 14.”

Identified by Brian: The Time Tunnel: “Rendezvous with Yesterday.”

Identified by Brian: John Colicos in “Lone Survivor,” from Rod Serling’s Night Gallery.

Identified by Carl: Friday the 13th: The Series: “What a Mother Wouldn’t Do.”

Identified by Jay-Jay: Futurama: “A Flight to Remember.”

Identified by Carl: Dr. Who: “Voyage of the Damned.”

Identified by Jaime Nelson: Supernatural: “My Heart Will Go On.”


14 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: Titanic

  1. 4 is from Friday the 13th the series6 is from dr who voyage of the damned?

  2. Carl: Amazing good job, my friend, on this difficult gallery. # 4 is from "What a Mother Wouldn't Do," an episode of Friday the 13th, and #6 is indeed from Dr. Who, "Voyage of the Damned." Spectacular!best,John

  3. 5. The stile of the animation looks a lot like Futurama.

  4. Jay-Jay: Absolutely right, sir! That's Futurama's "A Flight to Remember" a riff on the 1953 Titanic film "A Night to Remember."Great job!best,John

  5. #1 is definitely The Twilight Zone, #3 looks familiar but I can't place it…

  6. Hi Brian,Excellent thoughts there.However…#1 is not from the Twilight Zone, but from another show the same year that Twilight Zone premiered! 🙂 And #3 actually does have something to do with Rod Serling…Best,John

  7. Wow, you got me! After I posted that, I had second thoughts about it… "what TZ episode was that?" and I came up empty.I'm going to guess #2 is The Time Tunnel — I've never seen that series I must admit!Ahhh… #3 …. Night Gallery?

  8. Hi Brian,You're doing great, buddy. #2 is indeed the Time Tunnel…brilliant job! And #3 is Night Gallery, "Lone Survivor." Extraordinary!best,John

  9. hmm, 1959? Too soon for Outer Limits… could it be One Step Beyond?

  10. Brian – Yes!!!!#1 is from One Step Beyond: "Night of April 14!" Outstanding!!!!!best,John

  11. The fact that the CW logo is at the bottom of #7 makes me want to guess Supernatural.

  12. Hi Jaime,Your deduction is quite correct, sir! That is a still from the Supernatural episode "My Heart Will Go On." Great job, my friend.All my best,John

  13. Looking into buying the series on DVD, I see that only the first season of One Step Beyond has been officially released as of three years ago. I hope to see the remainder of the series released on DVD soon!

  14. Also, I'm sad to see that the complete The Time Tunnel DVD set is only available as Region 2 discs. Huh?And I'm still waiting for Space:1999 Year Two on Blu-Ray…

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