The Cult-TV Faces of: Sports and Fitness

Identified by Brian: One Step Beyond: “Front Runner.”

Identified by Chris G: The Twilight Zone: “Steel.”

Identified by Chris G: Star Trek: “Charlie X.”

Identified by Chris G: The Prisoner: “The Schizoid Man.”

Identified by SGB: UFO: “Ordeal.”

Identified by SGB: Space:1999: “Testament of Arkadia.”

Identified by Chris G: Battlestar Galactica: “Murder on the Rising Star.”

Identified by SGB: Buck Rogers: “Olympiad.”

Identified by Chris G: Doctor Who: “Black Orchid.”

Identified by Brian: Otherworld (1985): “Paradise Lost.”

Identified by Randal Graves: Star Trek: The Next Generation: “Suddenly Human.”

Identified by  Randal Graves: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “Go Fish.”

Identified by Randal Graves: Deep Space Nine: “Take Me Out to the Holosuite.”

Identified by Chris G: Smallville: “Hothead.”


8 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: Sports and Fitness

  1. 11. Star Trek: TNG, "Suddenly Human."12. Buffy, "Go Fish."13: Star Trek: DS9, "Take Me Out to the Holosuite."Man, I dig sports, why am I blanking on so many of these? Heh.

  2. #2 is Twilight Zone.#3 is Star Trek, "Charlie X."#4 is The Prisoner, I think from "The Schizoid Man."#7 is Battlestar Galactica.#9 is Doctor Who.#14 is Smallville.

  3. 2. Twilight ZOne, with the robot boxers 3. Star Trek TOS, Charlie X4. The Prisoner7. 'original Battlestar Galactica9. Dr Who (5th Doctor)14. Smallville

  4. Good morning all,Great identifications all the way around. Between the three of you, only five images remain: 1, 5, 6, 8, and 10.Well done!!!best,John

  5. #5 UFO#6 Space:1999#8 Buck Rogers In The 25th CenturySGB

  6. Hi SGB:More great identifications You took #5, #6 and #8 off the playing board. Now we're left with #1 and #10. And those are two toughies!best,John

  7. Going to hazard some guesses:1) One Step Beyond10) Otherworld

  8. Brian,Holy smokes! Yes! On both counts! #10 is from One Step Beyond's "Front Runner" and #10 is from Otherworld "Paradise Lost." WOW!Great job,,John

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