Collectible of the Week: Star Hawk (Ideal; 1970 and 1977)

Last week for the collectible of the week I remembered the Darth Vader-esque Knight of Darkness, from Ideal’s “Star Team” line in 1977.  This week, I want to offer a closer look at another cool space toy in that same line (carefully labeled to include the copyright dates of both 1970 and 1977). 

Here it is: the Star Hawk, the “Star Team spaceship with motorized hatch and space-like sounds.”

This large red and gray flying saucer-type craft came “complete with Zeroid, moveable landing pods, revolving platform, exit ramp and clear dome.” 

And “Zeroid’s spaceship, the Star Hawk transports your Zeroid from one daring adventure to the next.  When you activate the special motor, the hatch slides open, landing pods go into position, exit ramp lowers, and space-like sounds announce the arrival of Zeroid, to help you save the day.”

As for the Zeroid himself — one of the Knight’s nemeses along with ZEM-21 — he is a modified version of the popular (and now incredibly expensive…) 1960s Zeroid line.  He’s a “highly detailed action robot with moveable arms. ZEROID rolls on a twin-tread base.  Flip on his special flishing signal lamp and send messages to his friends.”

I wrote last week how my grandparents bought me the Star Hawk (w/Zeroid), the Knight of Darkness and ZEM-21, and at first I was disappointed with the generous gift because I would have preferred the Millennium Falcon, Darth Vader, R2-D2 and C3PO.  But it wasn’t long before I became intrigued by these Star Wars knock-off toys, and came to see that they allowed me to create my own play universe.  In particular, I remember that the Knight of Darkness camped out in G.I. Joe’s Adventure Team Headquarters.   

Today, I’m really glad I still have these particular toys in my home office.  Even today, Zeroid’s dome lights up, and the Star Hawk hatch still slides open (with a springy rat-a-tat sound).  The decals are coming off now, after all these years, but these toys remain…ideal for the imagination.  My son Joel loves them, particularly the Zeroid and his ship, the Star Hawk.


2 responses to “Collectible of the Week: Star Hawk (Ideal; 1970 and 1977)

  1. Man, I miss my childhood.

  2. David:I try to relive my childhood every day. And fortunately, I have a five year old who keeps me company there! :)best,John

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