Collectible of the Week: Train Robo (Takara; Diaclone; 1980))

This week, I’m featuring as my collectible of the week on the blog a great old toy from Takara Co. Ltd.   Before they became world-famous as Transformers, Takara created a line of ultra-cool transforming vehicles called “Diaclone.”  In the early 1980s, a “Constructicon” line was released by Takara and among the toys produced was “Train Robo” (“Trainbots” in Japan, I think.)  The toys were part of the “Real and Robo” series.
There were six toys in the Train Robo line, including bullet trains, a caboose and other train cars.  Together, the six trains could combine into a giant robot called “Raiden.”   Alas, I only own Train Robo #1, which can transform from robot to train, and back again, and is merely one component of the big guy.  The trains each came with accessories, including laser guns, and sections of tracks.  Sold separately was a “play mat” where you could set down the tracks and give Train Robo a spin.
Below is a Train Robo commercial, as well as a look at the original instructions and promotional sheet for Train Robo…


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