The Cult-TV Faces of: Games

Identified by David Colohan: Star Trek’s 3-D Chess.

Identified by David Colohan: The Prisoner: “Checkmate.”

Identified by SGB: Gerry Anderson’s UFO.

Identified by Brian: Space: 1999 “The Black Sun”

Identified by David Colohan: Space:1999: “Dragon’s Domain.”
Identified by David Colohan: Ark II: “The Flies.”

Identified by David Colohan: A game of Pyramid in Battlestar Galactica: “The Lost Warrior.”
Identified by Carl: A game in a casino on Sinaloa, from Buck Rogers: “Vegas in Space.”

Identified by Hugh: Strategema from the Star Trek: TNG episode “Peak Performance.”

Identified by Carl: Star Trek: The Next Generation: “The Game.”

Identified by jay-jay: Deep Space Nine: “Move Along Home.”

Identified by Carl: From Deep Space Nine, at Quark’s Bar.
Identified by David Colohan: A game of Solitaire in Millennium: “The Hand of St. Sebastian.”

Identified by David Colohan: The X-Files: “First Person Shooter.”


12 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: Games

  1. Hey there,1. Star Trek: The Original Series2. The Prisoner – Checkmate5. Space 19996. Ark II7. Battlestar Galactica14. The X-FilesRegards,David C

  2. How could I miss 13? Has to be Millennium?

  3. #9 is from Star Trek: The Next Generation

  4. Hugh: Absolutely right, that's the game "strategema" from the second season story, "Peak Performance." Well done!best,John

  5. #12 is the from Star Trek: Deep Space 9#10 looks a lot like the Game from the Star Trek: the Next Generation episode "The Game" to me but I guess it's something elseIs #8 from Buck Rogers?

  6. Carl: Yes! #12 is from Quark's Bar on DS9. #10 is indeed from the TNG episode "The Game." And — wow — great identification — #8 is a game from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, from the casino episode "Vegas in Space!" Brilliant!best,John

  7. 11. Move Along Home. The DS9 crew plays the game of their life. Al-amaren.

  8. Hi Jay-Jay:Yes! Al-amaren! Oh my goodness… Great identification!best,John

  9. Hi SGB:Absolutely right! That's a still from UFO. Well done!best,John

  10. Late to the party again… with a guess at #4 being from another episode of Space: 1999, although I can't place which one, possibly Year Two (didn't I say I need to brush up on Year Two? 🙂 )

  11. Hi Brian,Welcome to the party! #4 is from another episode of Space:1999, but not from Year 2. Still, that's an amazing id. This is from "Black Sun."best,John

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