The PC Principle covers Purple Rain: Music on Film

The PC Principle’s Troy Foreman features an extensive interview with me, here regarding my new book for Limelight Editions, Purple Rain: Music on Film.  Troy and I had a great chat.  He’s a Prince fan from way back, and had terrific questions and insights.   We talked a lot about Purple Rain, and also Prince’s not-always-successful movie career after the 1984 film.  We also discussed why Purple Rain holds up today, and my process for writing the book, and how I came to the project.
Check out the full interview.

Here’s a snippet of Troy’s intro: Who would have thought back in 1984, a little low-budget film starring an artist that most of the general public didn’t know about, would become a cult classic. Not only the film, but its fantastic soundtrack. Well, Purple Rain did just that. Regarded as one of the best rock films ever made, Purple Rain would go on to redefine the genre and make Prince a pop superstar. Award winning author John Kenneth Muir takes a look at the phenomenon that was and still is associated with the film.”

I want to thank Troy for featuring my work at PC Principle, and for being a great host.

2 responses to “The PC Principle covers Purple Rain: Music on Film

  1. John,Always a pleasure to talk with you! Especially when it's about a subject that I am passionate about and everyone knows I am a Princaholic! Great chat, great times..thanks as always!

  2. Troy:Right back at you, my friend. Your questions were fantastic, and I had a blast talking about Prince and Purple Rain. Thank you for supporting my work, and for adding so much to the dialogue about this great rock,John

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