Sweet Post-apocalyptic Rides (1970s Edition)

Ark II.

Ark II’s “roamer.”

Strange New World’s Vesta Explorer.

The hover car from Logan’s Run: The Series.

Damnation Alley’s Landmaster.

Directorate Land Rover from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.


5 responses to “Sweet Post-apocalyptic Rides (1970s Edition)

  1. All are sweet rides, but nothing is ever going to top the Landmaster. Seeing that thing in action is reason enough to watch Damnation Alley!

  2. John you got them all! My '70s boyhood favorite post-apocalyptic hot rods. To complete the '70s era, I would even include the subterranean NASA Subshuttle system of GENESIS II(1973) and PLANET EARTH(1974).SGB

  3. Chadillac,I agree. The Landmaster rules. I would love to take that vehicle out for a spin, assuming no giant cockroaches on the loose.She's a beauty all right…and reason enough to watch Damnation Alley again, indeed.best,John

  4. Hi SGB:I've always loved the subshuttle system as featured in those pilots. Even today, I think sometimes that a producer — using the production design for the subshuttle — should resurrect the format of Planet Earth. I'd love to see it.The Landmaster is my favorite of these, but I think the Ark II is next. Though, I suspect, it would be hell to drive. It's frigging huge!best,John

  5. Hi John, my dad, Mike D Hansen, is one of the guys responsible for building the Ark’s Roamer van, originally named the Brubaker Box, as you may already know. The Ark’s Roamer was custom-built for the Ark II t.v. show. We have a Facebook page called Brubaker Box Fans if you are interested in joining it. We are also writing a book. The FB page is the place to see photos, info, book progress, etc., as we work on locating as many of the Boxes (later known as Automecca Sports Vans) as we can.

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