Space:1999 author Bill Latham on Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction

It’s been my great pleasure and honor during the last decade to work on the Powys Media officially licensed Space: 1999 novel series.  
One of the perks of that job — besides writing in a universe I absolutely love — has been familiarizing myself with the works of author Bill Latham, the talented author behind titles such as Space: 1999 Resurrection, and the epic two-part Omega and Alpha, as well as the original Frankenstein novel, Mary’s Monster.  
Bill has also been one of the most important guiding forces behind-the-scenes of the novel line, serving as editor on the anthology Shepherd Moon, for instance.  I’ve met Bill twice in person and I count him as a great friend as well as a terrific writer.
So it was a real thrill to catch up with him, at least a little, by listening to him discuss his written work and Space: 1999 on Dr. Howard Margolin’s great sci-fi talk show, Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction.
If you’re interested in Space: 1999, the novel line, and even the inside-baseball of writing original books for a sci-fi franchise, I highly recommend this audio interview.  You can listen to Bill and Howard’s discussion here, including an excerpt from Bill’s Space: 1999 work.
Check it out!

2 responses to “Space:1999 author Bill Latham on Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction

  1. John thanks for the heads up on this interview. I will check it out. Since I was a boy, I have been a fan of the SPACE:1999 universe from it's debut in September 1975.SGB

  2. Hi SGB:My pleasure, sir. I hope you enjoy the interview. Like you, I have loved the Space:1999 universe since I was a kid. I can watch that series, again and again, and find new things to appreciate.Great comment.

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