Collectible of the Week: Super Laser Assembling 2-in-1 Change Bot

My five year old son absolutely loves transforming robots.  Joel  passionately collects Beast Wars, Gobots, Transformers, Megazords, Brave of the Sun Fighbird…you name it.  Throughout our many travels in search of robots of all sizes and shapes, we often come across toys that we don’t entirely recognize.  This week’s collectible is one of them.
I must confess, I don’t know if this particular toy came from a popular Anime franchise or not.  I’m not highly conversant in Anime, at least not yet.  I’m learning.  However, I believe this cool transforming robot set may have originated from something called “Video Senshi Laserion” in the 1980s, or “Super Laser” here in the States.
Regardless, this “Assembling 2-in-1 Change Bot” with “double joint power up” transformation is a pretty awesome mechanical life form.  The toy was made in Taiwan, and three separate robots are included.  
Individually,  the robot consists of “Ex-Caesar” (a car), “Atlas Carbot,” and “Atlas-Jetbot.”  Together, however, the machines make “Super Atlas-Bot,” and the back of the box provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for transforming the robots into cars and planes, and vice-versa.  Not that Joel needs them.  He’s far more coordinated at five than I was at that age, and he loves the thrill of discovering how to transform and combine robots.  Just between you and me, he’s either going to be an engineer, or the world’s biggest fanboy.  Or both.
As much as Joel wants to get his hands on toys like the Super Laser Assembling 2-in-1 Change Bot and start playing, I’m a devoted fan of box art.  Joel and I have an understanding: he gets the toys, and I get the boxes.  It’s a good compromise, and when he’s done playing for the day, the toys go back in the box.  Sure, they aren’t mint in box anymore — a phrase Joel has learned — but I realized a few years back that it’s more fun to play with these toys with my son than to keep them in boxes, on display.  
I just gave Joel this toy on the weekend, and he loves it…

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