Sci-Fi Wisdom of the Week: Wing Commander

“You spend so much time out here alone, you end up losing your humanity. When Pilgrims began to lose touch with their heritage, they saw themselves as superior to man. And in their arrogance, they chose to abandon all things human and follow what they called their destiny. Some say they believed they were gods…”

Wing Commander (1999) 

3 responses to “Sci-Fi Wisdom of the Week: Wing Commander

  1. I don't care what people or the critics (who are usually full of %!@$ anyway)say-I like this movie. I wish that I could get it on DVD again.

  2. Hi Lionel,Glad you expressed your opinion. You may not want to read my upcoming review this morning, because I didn't like Wing Commander. And yes, critics can often be full of crap — as can everyone — but sometimes they are also right.That said, I did like how the film opened with the President Kennedy speech, and I also liked many of the visuals/special effects. The casting, writing, etc…not so much. Still, regardless of how I feel about the film, it should be available on DVD for you to enjoy, if you're a fan…Thank you for commenting,John

  3. The movie is defintely available on DVD… You probably have to order it online though. However the only options for watching it in HD are streaming rentals through the likes of iTunes, or the xbox marketplace. Defintely worth it in HD as I find the CG detail gets blurred too much in SD and actually looks better in HD.I don't think it's a good film either but I definitely have a soft spot for it. It needed another pass in the script department honestly to fix some of the dialogue and to balance out the pacing, though the movie also suffered much in the editing room. Freddy Prinze doesn't help much either mind you… Anyway here's some screenshots of some of the deleted scenes:, I think the first half of the movie does move along at a nice pace and the film does have a unique style that I enjoy.

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