The Cult-TV Faces of: The Blind

Identified by Will: Miss Menlo (Joan Crawford) in Night Gallery’s “Eyes.”
Identfied by Hugh: Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) in Star Trek: “Operation: Annihilate.”

Identified by Hugh: Dr. Bruce Banner (Bill Bixby) in The Incredible Hulk: “Blind Rage.”

Identified by Hugh: Wilma Deering (Erin Gray) in Buck Rogers: “The Guardians.”

Identified by Hugh: Geordi La Forge (Levar Burton) in Star Trek: TNG: “Hide & Q.”



Identified by Hugh: Superman (Dean Cain) in Lois & Clark: “The Eyes Have It.”



Identified by Randal Graves: Marty (Lily Taylor) in The X-Files: “Mind’s Eye.”

Identified by Randal Graves: Jennifer Badger as Vanessa Brewer in Angel: “Blind Date.”

Identified by Chris G: Cassandra Carver (Jackie Burroughs) in Smallville: “Hourglass.”


13 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: The Blind

  1. 2. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) on the original Star Trek3. Bruce Banner (Bill Bixby) on The Incredible Hulk4. Wilma Deering (Erin Gray) on Buck Rogers5. Geordi LaForge (Levar Burton) on ST:TNG6. The Flash (Robert Shayne)8. Lois & Clark

  2. Hi Hugh,Great job recognizing these blind characters from cult tv history. You are correct in terms of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8! Excellent! Thanks for starting us off so well this morning!Best,John

  3. 11. Marty Glenn (Lily Taylor), The X-Files, "Mind's Eye."12. Vanessa Brewer (Jennifer Badger), Angel, "Blind Date."

  4. I'm pretty sure 11 is from The X-Files, the episode entitled Mind's Eye.

  5. the first one is Joan Crawford from the Night gallery movie/pilot directed by Steven Spielberg

  6. 11. Lily Taylor from the X-Files Mind's Eye

  7. #1 is from Night Gallery. #11 is from The X-Files.

  8. #1 Joan Crawford in the 'Eyes' segment of the pilot to Rod Serling's Night Gallery, directed by Steven Spielberg.

  9. Wow, everybody is doing a terrific job recognizing these blind stars of cult tv.Randal, you were the first to note Lily Taylor in The X-Files, "Mind's Eye.And Will, you recognized Joan Crawford of "Eyes" first.But everybody did fantastic, and guessed right on these.Still to go: 6, 7, 9, 10 and 13. There are some toughies there, some real toughies…best to all,John

  10. #13 is from Smallville.

  11. Cool line up, but where's Sandra from Space:1999's Matter of Life and Death? ~~Meredith

  12. Chris: Yes! That's Cassandra from "Hourglass" on Smallville! Well done.Meredith: Oh my goodness, I completely forgot about Sandra's temporary blindness at the end of Matter of Life and Death. Wow! Thanks for the reminder!best,John

  13. Its very common in some films. Blind people kinda gives a film this sensitive touch to those who are watching of course some gives sympathy by just watching and i think it also attracts viewers but not those blinds though.

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