The Cult-TV Faces of: Robby the Robot

Identified by Chadillac: The Twilight Zone: “Uncle Simon”

Identified by EntropyManor: The Twilight Zone: “Brain Center at Whipple’s.”

Identified by Hugh: The Addams Family: “Lurch’s Little Helper.”

Identified by jay-jay: Lost in Space: “The War of the Robots.”

Identified by Hugh: The Banana Splits.

Identified by Hugh: Columbo.

Identified by Ken Scott: Ark II: “The Robot.”

Identified by SGB: Space Academy: “My Favorite Marcia.”

Identified by jay-jay: The Love Boat: “Programmed for Love.”

Identified by Ken Scott: Project UFO: “Sighting 4010: The Waterford Incident.”

Identified by Hugh: Wonder Woman: “Spaced Out.”

Identified by Hugh: Mork and Mindy: “Dr. Morkenstein.”


24 responses to “The Cult-TV Faces of: Robby the Robot

  1. 3. Addams Family4. Twilight Zone ? 5. Banana Splits6. Columbo7. Get Smart11. Wonder Woman12. Mork & Mindy

  2. Hah! Bizarre 😀 Love it.let's see here…3. ) The Addams Family5. ) That's the Banana Splits show, I believe6. ) Columbo12.) .. looks like Mork & Mindy.

  3. As an aside – while this obviously isn't a TV-related link, there was an extra character you could select in a few of the Guitar Hero series that bears a striking resemblance to the above robotic gent.He may be old – but he's still rocking!

  4. 2. Uncle Simon (Twilight Zone)12. Mork and Mindy

  5. Robby was one hell of a versatile actor.

  6. Hugh:Great job, my friend. You correctly identified 3,5, 6, 11, 12. Well done!

  7. Hello, woodchuckgod,Yes, all those identifications are 100% correct, and Hugh beat you to them by three minutes. But still – as always — you are absolutely terrific. Awesome!

  8. Woodchuckgod:Oh my goodness. I didn't realize Robby had made the transition to video games, but it makes sense. He's one famous actor, certainly, and as you say, "still rocking!"

  9. Chadillac:1 is Uncle Simon, but I think that's what you meant! Number 2 is still "out there" to be identified. Great job!

  10. You ain't kidding, David. He's had a career that many flesh and blood actors would be quite happy to have, I think!

  11. 7. Ark II10. Project Blue Book(?)

  12. Hi Ken: Yes! Right on both counts. #7 is from the Ark II episode "Robot" and #10 is from Project UFO. Great identifications.And if I may say so, I happen to love your Space:1999 site very much. Excellent job!Best wishes,John

  13. #2 Looks to be another Twilight Zone. Brain Center at Whipple's, I blieve.

  14. I'm gonna cheat a little and say that:2. is the man from UNCLE4. is lost in spaceand 9. love boat, possibly?

  15. EntropyManor: Bingo! #2 is from the Twilight Zone fifth season episode "Brain Center at Whipple's." Great identification!best,John

  16. Jay-jay: great identifications, sir! Yes, #4 is from Lost in Space "The War of the Robots," and 9 is from The Love Boat: "Programmed for Love." Excellent job!That leaves only #8 outstanding on the board…best,John

  17. Robbie has to have been one of the most iconic movie/TV characters that was equally parts a prop for many productions. He/It has stood the test of time as many different generations still recognize the mechanical creation. I think this is the first time I've seen the mod version in the #8 image. Either way, I suspect Robbie will be used again sometime in the future. Thanks, John.

  18. Hi Le0pard13:I couldn't agree more. Robby is an icon in terms of movie/television characters. It's a bit amazing when you consider he first appeared in 1956 (Forbidden Planet), yet is still appearing in video games and other venues. Although he is more than fifty years old, his particular vision of the future still speaks to us, in2 012. It's very interesting. I'm sure we'll see him again soon. At least unless he chooses to retire…Great comment!best,John

  19. #8 Space AcademySGB

  20. SGB: Brilliant! You just closed out the game by identifying the last image. #8 is indeed from Space Academy, from the episode "My Favorite Marcia." Great job, my friend!best,John

  21. You may say so… and thank you very much!If I may say so, I enjoy your blog and your books very much.

  22. Hi Ken!Thank you, my friend. I appreciate the compliment! All my best,John

  23. This is great! I used your blog as a reference in my essay that I am writing for my image analysis in Introduction to Study in Higher education class!

    Best, Eivind Hansen

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